IMOBIX is an international consulting company focused on the mobile telecommunications industry. The company was founded in 2005 and has over employees and consultants in multiple countries. The focus of the company has been to assist mobile operators, service providers, industry regulatory agencies and organizations to help develop the mobile telecommunications market through innovative new products and services, optimized operations, and increased penetration and market awareness.

Other facts about IMOBIX include:

  • Mobile industry experts with focus on business and market strategy, start-ups, business & product development, wholesale operations and roaming.
  • Project managers for telecommunications Implementation and Operations.
  • Roaming & Wholesale Management (including Startup, Strategy & Operations, Revenue Assurance & Reporting, Testing and QoS)
  • Quality solutions for Network & end-to-end testing. Pioneers in Roaming QoS & Drive Test consulting services.
  • Strategic consultants for Roaming Optimization and Open Connectivity Hubbing.

our vision

IMOBIX strives to support its customers in every facet of the mobile business, from initial business and technical strategy, through launch and implementation, and followed by optimization and revenue growth. We pull together the best experts in the mobile industry and aim to deliver quick tangible value for our customers, resulting in accelerated business growth, product and market awareness, and innovative new services.